2019 Internet Slang You Need To Know

Felicia Kudronowicz/July 15, 2019

2019 Internet Slang You Need To Know

You’d think after my name became part of one of the most popular memes of all time that I would hate the internet and all its annoying trends, but I can’t deny that I still love its lingo. The way we communicate online is utterly fascinating to me and even though I’m old by internet standards, I still try to keep up with the slang kids are using. To help my fellow adults, I’ve come up with a list of 2019 internet slang you need to know.

Abbreviations and acronyms have been part of our vocabulary since RSVP, ASAP, A.D./B.C., ETA, P.S., etc. In recent years these word shorteners have taken over our lives. STG is just another one to add to the list. It means “swear to god.”

Example: “He better not do that again, I stg!”

Many slang terms come from old references that have somehow been dug up. This one is believed to have originated from Eminem’s song “Stan” from 2000. It’s about an Eminem super fan named Stanley who is so obsessed that he changes his appearance and life to be more like him. The term has come to mean someone who is an extremely dedicated fan. It can also have negative connotations and mean an obsessed/crazed fan of someone.

Example: “I will always stan Lady Gaga.”
“That girl? She’s a crazy Lady Gaga stan.”

This is one I’ve only seen, but never used. From what I understand this is a word you exclaim when you are happy/surprised/nervous. It can also be a word to express something being thrown or simply be used as an excited “yes!”

Example: *While throwing a football* “Yeet!”

and I OOP
This is a recent fav of mine. It’s basically used when you see/hear/do something that stops you in your tracks. It originated from this iconic video of drag queen, Jasmine Masters.


Another acronym to add to your vocab, it simply means, “what you doing.”

Example: “I’m bored. wyd?”

trash//trash garbage
This one is pretty easy to understand, too. Trash is something bad and if it’s extra bad, it’s trash garbage.

Example: “That new music video wasn’t just trash, it was trash garbage.”

A snack isn’t just something you eat between meals anymore, it’s also a way to describe an attractive person.


Example: “He’s out here looking like a snack.”

hachi machi
This phrase originated (in my life) from hearing Justin McElroy (from “My Brother, My Brother and Me” and various online projects) say it as a reaction to things that make him uncomfortable or cringe. After further research, I found out it’s actually from a 90s show, “The Critic”. Wherever it started, I’m just hoping this one catches on more, because I’m not going to stop saying it any time soon.

Example: “Did you hear about the latest YouTube feud? Hachi Machi!”

This one has been around a while, and for me it has even been reduced to just using the skull emoji repeatedly. It’s my go-to response for anything that makes me uncomfortable, excited or makes me laugh. It’s really a one-size-fits-all situation.

Example: “I can’t believe he said that to her. TO HER FACE. Dead.”
*sees article about One Direction reuniting* “💀💀💀”

A bop is a good song. Typically something you can dance or bop to.

Example: “That new Carly Rae Jespen song is real bop! I can’t stop listening to it.”

These are just a few of the slang words being slung around in 2019. Do you have any favorites? Are you hip with the currently internet lingo?