Marketing; Can A Girl Just Breathe?

Libby VanderGeeten/June 10, 2019

Marketing; Can A Girl Just Breathe?

As I power walk up the office stairs, I have my coffee in one hand, laptop in the other and hopefully I didn’t leave my phone and sanity behind in the car, because it’s officially Monday morning and I am about to walk through the office doors and enter back into the chaotic life of a marketing agency, aka my career.

Sixteen unread emails, four missed calls and one voicemail are all flashing at me and I have barely had a chance to say, “Good Morning!” Does this sound familiar to anyone else in the world of marketing? Oh wonderful, we can relate! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this fast-paced, crazy world but can a girl breathe?

Marketing has and will always be a whirlwind line of work. You are constantly putting out fires, connecting with clients to figure out their needs and wants, attending networking events, happy hours, numerous meetings the list goes on and on, but what a lot of people don’t know about marketing is while the different ways to market are always changing, the underlying goal will always be the same.

People think of marketing as “selling or promoting” a business or service. Which, yes that’s true, but it goes further than that! Marketing is all about relationships. Relationships with your customers and consumers. The purpose of marketing for a business is to create customers who then create even more customers. Make sense? The most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth. You can have all the followers in the world, the biggest billboard or even the best TV commercial but if people are not talking about you and what your business can offer, then an Instagram post can only go so far.

Marketing is fun, it’s exciting, no day is the same. I will always have the multiple voicemails, and I will most always need that coffee, but having the opportunity to be a part of the client’s vision and creation is why us marketing folks continue to do what we do. We thrive off of seeing those clients relationships begin to build with their consumers and have a successful campaign.