Tips For Posting About Memorial Day On Social Media

Sheng Riechers /May 20, 2019

Tips For Posting About Memorial Day On Social Media

As a military family member, I can’t help but cringe as I scroll through my Facebook feed during Memorial Day weekend. A national holiday established to remember fallen soldiers has become an opportunity for Americans to drink beer, hold cookouts and shop sales. Worse yet, it has become an event for brands to insert themselves where it’s completely inappropriate.

Hey, Cinnabon! My husband didn’t lose friends and leaders in the line of duty so you can sell more cinnamon rolls. Kindly get off this thread.

This is not to say that brands can’t post anything at all during Memorial Day. But, before you do, ask yourself these questions:

What’s my connection?

  • Does your company work directly with the military or veterans?
  • Does your company employ veterans or is veteran-owned?
  • Is charitable giving to or participation in military and veteran related organizations part of your company mission?

What’s my message?

  • If you, like many people, are tempted to wish your audience a “happy” Memorial Day, please don’t.
  • If your message is to promote a sale or other summer-related activities, consider posting the Friday before Memorial Day, and leave #MemorialDay out of your post.
  • If your message is authentic and meaningful, but you don’t have an obvious military connection, consider posting nothing at all. A genuine post may come off as self-serving and self-promotional (i.e. Cinnabon above).

If you’re truly bummed out that you didn’t get to make a Memorial Day post, but you really care about the holiday, then consider getting involved during the remaining 364 days of the year in programs like Give an Hour, Honor Flight, and TAPS. When the next Memorial Day rolls around, your audience will know that your message is sincere because you’ve taken the time to demonstrate your values.