Top 5 VR Games For Noobs

James Thompson/April 26, 2019

Top 5 VR Games For Noobs

Since its debut, virtual reality gaming has grown exponentially. Where once there was a severe lack of quality experiences, there is now an incredibly large library of quality titles. With so many titles, it can be hard to know where to start. I’ve compiled a short list of a few of my favorite VR games to help you get your virtual feet wet. Each of these experiences are pretty low impact in terms of spatial movement, making them great for beginners to VR. Enjoy!

Best VR Games For New Players

Robo Recall

Oculus Store – $29.99

In Robo Recall you take on the role of a Recaller at RoboReady Corp, trying to stop a robot uprising. Perform cool combos and flashy moves to get a top score in each level, while feeling like a total badass. Tear apart your robotic foes, fire an assortment of fancy firearms at them, and catch and throw their bullets right back at them.


Oculus Store and Steam – $24.99

Where Robo Recall is a straight up action game, SUPERHOT VR adds in an element of strategy and thinking into the gunplay. In SUPERHOT VR time only moves forward when you move, and you are typically outgunned and outnumbered. You’ll have to think fast to dodge bullets and use the tools within reach to take out your enemies.

The Invisible Hours

Oculus Store and Steam – $29.99

After all that action, you need something you can relax with and lose yourself in. The Invisible Hours puts a unique twist on the murder mystery genre. You are an invisible spectator to the events happening at the mansion of famed inventor Nikola Tesla, who has invited a series of guests to his home, offering them the chance for redemption from their past misdeeds. You are a passive observer and possess the ability to move freely around the island following different characters. More importantly, you can also control time, which lets you to see different perspectives and events as they unfold.

Tabletop Simulator

Steam – $19.99

Tabletop Simulator is a sandbox style game that allows players to play a variety of tabletop games with each other online. The game includes some staples, such as chess, checkers, go and a deck of standard playing cards, but where Tabletop Simulator truly shines is in its large collection of user-generated content. Players can import their own assets and essentially make their own game, or add any existing game. Nearly any board or card game released in the last decade is just waiting to be downloaded through Steam Workshop. Finally, when you lose the game, feel free to flip the entire table over in a fit of rage!

Beat Saber

Oculus Store and Steam – $19.99

This is the game that defined VR Gaming in 2018. A simple concept, but executed flawlessly. Beat Saber is a rhythm game where blocks fly towards you, and you must use lightsabers to slice through the boxes to the beat of some incredible electronic music. This game is pure joy to play, and with official mods and user-generated levels in the works, you’ll soon be able to play a whole host of new levels.. If you can only play one game on this list, this is the one to play.

So there you have it. Five of the best VR experiences you can have today. And there’s so much more available on the Oculus Store and Steam. Drop by Candeo sometime to get a demo of virtual reality, learn more about what services we can offer and see if you can beat our high scores in Beat Saber.